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The Silv School in Bergamo offers professional courses in the field of fashion, to all lovers of the fashion and apparel design of Bergamo and its surroundings.

The experience gained in the field allows the center of Bergamo to offer extremely good courses. The skills gained over time are made available to students who choose to rely on Silv for their education in the field of cutting and sewing.

The School offers interactive teaching, using the best technology and techniques for rapid and effective learning. The Silv School also chooses repertory textbooks, relying on the experience of author Paolo Corbascio.


The original and innovative systems of the Silv School are copyrighted and easy to learn.

The professional system called "Analytical System of Professional Modelling" has been created to meet the needs of fashion designers and fashion enthusiasts who wish to acquire or expand the technical know-how in order to develop a range of designs.

The "Basic Model" method was created to meet the needs of tailors.

Thanks to our pre-built patterns it is possible to speed up work and improve on "cut".

Those who passionately apply and learn both professional cutting and sewing systems have great opportunities in the various fashion sectors.

Special texts, in addition to institutes and fashion schools, are also recommended for those who have already attended other schools, intend to open a new business in existing structures or in their place of residence.

The texts "FASHION AND PROFESSIONAL INSTITUTE" contain only geometric drawings, while the texts "BASIC MODEL-UNIVERSAL METHOD" are also accompanied by artistic drawings. It should be noted that the geometric designs contained in the texts are created in such a way as to obtain maximum fit and perfection.

To make any model, such as a figurine or a sketch by transforming it into the template, you need to use the corresponding base by extracting it from the text. Well-versed teachers and modellers have no difficulty in interpreting the figurine because they immediately realise what basis to use.

Those with lesser familiarity can ask for clarification at the school centers that adopt the methods of the Silv School.


The Author of the aforementioned method of study, from a very young age, has been involved in the study of tailoring and industrial art.

With great passion and dedication he has always tried to obtain the best in design, constantly developing geometric designs for modelling, in order to achieve simplicity and precision.

More recently, thanks to the advancement of technology, he developed the necessary techniques to apply both in the clothing industry and in tailoring.


  • Pattern making: a really interesting and satisfying profession. From the technical capabilities of the pattern, the perfect line and fit of each piece of clothing is created. The success of a pattern can make or break the work of a company for a whole season.
  • Composer of the sizes: it is a profession also integrated by the pattern maker who is able to compose the sizes of the base model he has made. The role, in the medium and large companies and in the use of the computer, is assigned to a technician: it is the job of composing the various sizes. A good technician must know about conformations, proportional measures, and composition rules.
  • Tailoring: The tailors who work in their own and those who want to start an activity can benefit greatly by attending courses at schools using these systems. Any uncertainties are virtually cleared and the tailored "tailored" dress will be perfect. All this helps to enhance the figure and the technical qualities of the tailor.
  • Stylist - The fashion designer is the key profession of the High Fashion and Clothing Industry because it creates fashion and style of dress. The designer understands market needs by interpreting taste and translating it with expertise in stylised sketches, figurines and designs.
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