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The Silv School in Bergamo offers an extensive programme of fashion courses for fashion and apparel enthusiasts.
Our range of short courses are perfect if you're looking to study alongside an existing job, and our adult and evening classes are designed to attract a complete range of fashion and design lovers to our school.

Our Fashion Designer course teaches aesthetic solutions in product design for the textile and clothing industry, both manually and with the help of digital technologies. In addition, our designers can train in furniture and upholstery in the design of decorative surfaces for the home.

Our Fashion Design course is aimed at those with existing design skills that who are looking for quality training with respect to the market as well as detailed fashion product design.


Our CAD Module course offers learning in CAD design electronically- creating new fashion shapes and designs on computers.

CAD also helps with the manufacture of complete templates using CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing) software. It works to support computerisation and design model development.


Tailors are able to carry out, by hand, all the operations related to the production of tailor-made or reduced-size garments, from the selection of fabrics and patterns to cutting and the full realisation of the garment.


The Clothing Model is able to construct and represent graphically, translating the idea of style, the pattern at the head of the collection.

 It can make a design template based on the image provided by the designer, using manual techniques or using technical drawing software (CAD), to oversee the implementation of the sample head on which to carry out aesthetic and functional evaluation tests and possibly get directions for design changes and improvements. Finally it is able to draw up the technical product documentation.

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The Fashion Designer designs aesthetic solutions and products for the textile and clothing industry, manually or with the help of digital technologies. They can also work in the furniture sector by designing fabrics and other decorative surfaces. They must therefore have a keen eye for design, that must be applied contextually with respect to the market and the interpretation of contemporary languages and trends.
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